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A career worth of memories…

When you have a workplace gift to give for someone near and dear to your heart.  

90,000 Hours

That is the average number of hours spent in a lifetime spent working for the average full time employee working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Not counting overtime, working through lunches, weekends, or anything extra (which we all do in our day to day). It is no wonder they say it is important to love what you do! And it is no surprise that our coworkers and peers can start to feel like extended family when you think about how much TIME we spend together in the average work week. So when something major comes along the line, be that a promotion, a new territory, or even a retirement, what do you get someone who feels like a part of your workplace family, and shows them how appreciated they are? Well, we have you covered! Let us make them a gift that helps to celebrate all the special moments and memories they have had along the way, and can take with them to cherish wherever they go.

A workplace gift to celebrate workplace milestones 

When a coworker is hits a big milestone we love to show our excitement for them with a party, balloons, maybe even a cake (ok, always a cake!) but when it comes to an actual workplace gift to commemorate this majorly exciting event you may be left feeing stumped. Yes, we know there are to go to classic workplace gifts; business card holders, fancy pens, a snazzy wall plaque, you know the old tried and true method. BUT what about something different? Chances are your pal will already be getting these more generalized gifts from ever Tom, Dick, and Harriette they know who maybe don’t have the same close-knit friendship and connection your coworker has with you and your team. So, why would you want to give them something ordinary, when you can give them something extraordinary?

Easy as 1-2-3!

Compile some of your favorite workplace and team outing photos and let’s make them a mosaic! Your best bet is to select 2 to 3 photos that you’d like as the feature image, and then anywhere from 50 to 200 cell images we can use in the background to make up the shading for your mosaic. No need to edit, just send them our way and we will take care of everything for you! You can learn more about our cropping and image editing processes here.

Then, the fun part!

Yes you can order the mosaic in a traditional format, and we are happy to send you a finished product as a high quality cavas, or framed image with professional matting as the perfect workplace gift. But DID YOU KNOW you can also order a DIGITAL mosaic? That is right! I can send you your work of art in a digital file so you can print it on anything and everything your heart desires!

Coffee Mug? ✅

Travel Thermos? ✅

Blanket? ✅

Team T-Shirts? ✅

Fun Fact: I can also edit your entire mosaic from a colored format to black and white, greyscale, or sepia tone to give it the exact vibe and energy you want for any occasion!

We can make your next workplace gift the BEST EVER! Want to learn more? Contact us.

The possibilities are EXCITING and ENDLESS on what you can create!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on making you the PERFECT workplace gift today!

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Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this inside peek into the art world.

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