What Makes Us Different

In addition to our excellent design work, customer service, and personalization, one of the most important steps in creating a good mosaic versus a great mosaic is the attention we give to all the photos you send – not just the main image but ALL the photos used to create the mosaic. This is what makes us different. We will crop and edit each photo that results in a much more pleasing design – a step most mosaic designers don’t do.


All you need to do is send us the photos, and we do the rest.

what makes us different

A Finished Design that Stands out from the Rest:

This is where we really stand out. Though years of trial and error we will create a mosaic that you can actually see clearly from both distance and close up. If you review other mosaic companies’ work, you may notice cell images that are placed in areas that don’t blend naturally, or uncropped photos that distort the overall results. In addition, the main image may look distorted or the cell images are so small you can barely make out the objects or people, just so the main image looks clearer.

We used to think that you could only do one or the other to create a good mosaic. We have come up with a series of steps and processes that allow a clear image for both, so you don’t have to guess what the main image is or who the people are in the background. Not all mosaics are created equal and each mosaic we create is unique in design from how we analyze cell sizes to using the right amount of levels to create the right color balance. 

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Our Outstanding Customer Service:

In addition to our personalization though working with you on the design, once you place an order or send your photos, we will be in communication with you from the time we receive your order to the time we ship it. This is what sets us apart from the rest and makes us different, our attention to detail and communication. Our photo mosaics always please, 100% Guaranteed you will love it!

What Makes Us One-of-a-Kind:

We Crop Each Photo

Cropping your photos creates a much nicer look and allows the viewer to see the most important features of the photo closer up.  Simply put, cropping your photos makes a huge positive difference on the overall results which is why we take the time to do it and at no additional charge!

We will work with you and ask if you have any request on cropping certain photos before we start. We also offer to design your mosaic with photos “as is” if you want to send more than 200 photos.

We Edit and Enhance Each Photo

Fixing and cleaning your photos is another important step in the design process, something we do others don’t and helps make us different. Along with the cropping, each individual photo is examined and edited, if necessary, to make each image look better. Examples include fixing photos that have faded colors, adding more light to darker photos, eliminating noise (grain) and fixing oversaturated colors that might stick out in the mosaic. We also work to enhance and clean up your main image. All of these services are  included in the price of your mosaic.

what makes us different

A little about the Artist, ME! David.

After working 12 years as a sales analyst, I decided to move on from the corporate world and follow my creative passion. Not knowing exactly how to channel that passion, I decided to take night classes at the Rhode Island School of Design to study graphic art. After learning the basics of Photoshop and a request from my sister to create something “special” for my niece’s graduation, the Mosaic Guy was born.

I created my first mosaic (at that time using a program) to create a “not so great” mosaic of my niece.  The main image of her face was so distorted she was barely recognizable—the background images were filled with white borders and so small you couldn’t see it even with a magnifying glass. Realizing the program just couldn’t cut it, I turned to Photoshop to see if and how I could create a better mosaic.

After a few years of trial and error, I finally created the “secret sauce” through using a variety of self-created methods within that would balance the main image and background images with clarity both from close up and afar.  Today I can say with confidence that you will be more than happy with your mosaic and happy that you didn’t opt for a cheaper, lesser quality mosaic, and a mosaic designer with less experience. 


Fenway Park mosaic as shown at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill in Boston, MA

The Mission

Our Mission Today is the same as it was when we started in 2005—to design original art that stands out and makes our customers feel they have something unique and different that will have most people saying, “Where did you get that? I have never seen that before!” Whether it’s an amazing sports mosaic comprised of hundreds of player images from years gone by or a personalized mosaic made from your photos, you can be sure you are buying an ORIGINAL design of our own creation. Whatever you choose, the gift from The Mosaic Guy will be unique, personalized, and cherished by your loved ones for years to come. What makes us different is our commitment to you that you will love your custom artwork for years to come. 


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