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Our Creation Process

Our Process Once We Receive Your Order

Step 1

Once we receive your order or photos (not payment), we will send a confirmation email with the specs of the order, expected ship date, along with tips on how to choose the best photos, any cropping requirements you might have, and methods to send your photos, including a link or address to upload or mail your photos.

Step 2

We start with your main image. We will examine your three choices and recommend the one that will work best, highly considering your first choice. We than make any necessary edits (touch ups, cropping, masking etc.) before working on the design.

Step 3

Your main image will be resized using a sophisticated program that allows the image to increase without losing resolution. In other words, if you send a qualified smaller image, it can be enlarged without compromising quality.

Step 4

If necessary we will mask out the background (unless it is an important part of the photo) and fill the area with a solid color so the background images around the focal area are more visible.

Step 5

We then examine all your cell images and crop and edit each photo as necessary.

Step 6

Though a combination of masking,  layer tools and color editing, your mosaic is almost complete. We then use a step called HDR that enhances the detail, clarity and vibrancy of the mosaic to give it a more balanced and sharper look. We’ll continue to fine tune the mosaic until we’re sure  that you’ll be happy with the results.

Step 7

The final step is to print the mosaic on a professional wide format Epson 7800 printer using chrome based ink that preserves the colors and prevents fading for over 100 years.

Step 8

At your request we will either frame or put your mosaic on canvas.

Step 9

Once completed we will send you an email with a sample image for you to approve. Once approved, we will send your invoice and ship your mosaic. With our 100% guarantee, if you’re not happy with the sample image we send and we can’t correct it, you don’t pay. You are only charged after we complete your mosaic. 

In less than three weeks…

a beautiful mosaic and another happy customer is born!

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