Pricing is based on 100 photos or less. Add an additional $10.00 if you are sending
more than 100 photos.


The price includes everything from start to finish including the design, cropping,
photo touch-up, the print, and shipping.




16 × 20 ″ Print Only                           $170.00

20 × 24 ″ Print Only                             $177.50

16 × 20 ″ Framed & Matted               $260.00

16 × 20 ″ Matted Only                         $205.00

16 × 20 ″ Canvas                               $255.00

16 × 24 ″ Canvas                                $266.00

20 × 24 ″ Canvas                               $280.00

20 × 30 ″ Canvas                                $295.00

24 × 30 ″ Canvas                               $305.00

24 × 36 ″ Canvas                                $325.00

DIGITAL FILE ONLY                           $140.00    


Please contact us for other sizes and prices not listed above.


*All prices include free standard shipping. Express shipping is available for a fee. Please contact us for a quote on express shipping.

Your order will be shipped in 1-3 weeks from the day we receive your photos. The time range is based on the current workload but normally we complete your mosaic within two weeks.



CROPPING (included)

As part of our service, we crop and enhance each photo as necessary. Having your photos cropped ensures that parts of the smaller cell images (photos) won’t get clipped or distorted. Cropping also allows the images to be better seen.


For more information about cropping and for instructions on how to crop your own photos, visit our Cropping Page.





SCANNING (.35 cents each)

If you are sending us photographs to scan, please add .35 cents per picture. As an added bonus, we will include an image CD with your scanned photos on them!


ADDITIONAL PRINTS (starting at $35.00 each)

Many of our customers like to give additional prints of their custom mosaic to friends and family. Additional prints make great gifts and are cost effective because you don’t have to pay for the design again. The prints are NOT copies, but actual prints of the original design.





16 × 20 ″                     $35.00

16 × 24 ″                     $45.00

20 × 24″                      $55.00

20 × 30 ″                     $60.00

24 × 30 ″                     $65.00

       16×20″ Canvas          $125.00

        DIGITAL FILE             $99.00



Please note that we offer special price breaks when you order multiple prints.




Avoid the hassle of finding the correct frame size or waiting weeks for your mosaic to be custom framed. Have us frame and/or matte your mosaic for you and it will be delivered to you ready to hang! We offer framing and matting for 16 × 20 ″ prints. Our frames are very reasonably priced, and in most cases, cost less than what you would find at a frame shop or a big-box store. We are able to give you a great deal on the framing and matting because you are buying the mosaic along with the frame.


We can also frame your mosaic on a high-quality canvas!


Visit our Frames and Canvas Page and our Mattes Page for more information!




TEXT ($15.00)

We can also add elegant text to your mosaic. Text is usually placed on the bottom center of the print. Here are some examples of text that others have used:


  • Milestone celebration: “Happy 25 Anniversary”
  • A wedding: “Justin and Danielle ~ June 10, 2007”
  • In memoriam:  “Joan Elizabeth Kay ~ 1927-2010”
  • Anniversary: “All because two people fell in love”
  • Graduation: “Brienna Boisvert ~ Class of 2011”
  • Expression of love: “Nikki…Beautiful in so many ways!”




If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase or service, we WILL STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCT and refund your money. As of July 2011, we are proud to say we have a 100% satisfaction feedback rating and have never had a customer ask for a refund or return one of our custom mosaics.



Once your mosaic is complete, we will email you the image to review along with an invoice. You can pay securely online or call in a credit card number. We accept all major credit cards as well as check or money order.



















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Want a Custom Mosaic?

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S. Sutcliff

It looks great! It is the picture of the bride-to-be and all the dreams she has for the future reflected in the mosaic. I believe she got to realize most of those dreams as evidenced by the pictures themselves.

S. Sutcliff
Custom mosaic tribute to his late wife