What is a photo mosiac?

A mosaic is a group of small photos called cells that are arranged in a way that creates a larger picture.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the size, framing option and number of photos you are sending.

Prices start at $150. For a complete list of options and prices please refer to our pricing page.

*Prices include everything from the design, photo cropping/editing, print, frame/canvas and shipping. 

*Optional fees apply for shipping upgrades, cropping over 200 photos, text and scanning.

How do I place my order or get started?

  1. TO ORDER AND PAY NOW: Go to the order here page and choose your size, number of photos and framing options.
  2. TO ORDER NOW AND PAY LATER: Fill out and send us the brief questionnaire. Once your mosaic is complete, you can pay through the website or, we can email you an invoice.

For either option, we will email you a sample image to review before we ship it.

Once we get your order and/or photos, we will email you a confirmation, letting you know we received your questionnaire or payment and send you more information. We will always email you a sample image of your completed mosaic before we ship it!

How do I send you my photos and what type of photos can I send?

You can upload digital photos or hard copies in any of the following ways:

  • DIGITAL IMAGES:  (meaning they were taken with a digital camera, and therefore, don’t need scanning),
    • Upload them to the link on our website or CLICK HERE to upload now.
    • Or you can copy them to a CD or flash-drive and “snail” mail them to us. We can also download them from your Google Drive or Drop Box account—you just need to give us permission to access your files.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS (actual hard copy photos), mail them preferably in an 8×10” or 9×12” envelope with a hard, cardboard-like structure inserted inside to further protect them. This will protect them from bending while in transit. Attach instructions on a “post-it note” or write a note informing us of any special cropping, removal of people/blemishes or centering of photos. Please do not write on the back of the photographs themselves. Mail to: The Mosaic Guy, 50 Prescott Hts Rd. Hooksett NH, 03106

Can I review my mosaic before you ship it?

Yes, we will email you a sample image once it is complete. 

How many photos should I send?

We suggest at least 50 and up to 200, but you have the optional to send more for additional fees. We will set the repetition at an optimal level based on the number of photos, cell size, and print size. If you don’t have a lot of photos, you will still get a great looking mosaic even with the repetitiveness. On average, most people submit around 150 photos. You are not charged per photo unless we scan them or if you send over 200 photos.

What if I want to send more than 200 photos?

You can! We can either create your mosaic without cropping the background photos (although not recommended) at no additional charge and would create the mosaic with your photos “as is”.

If you would like to send more than 200 photos AND HAVE THEM ALL CROPPED, the fees would be .40 per photo over 200. For example if we need to crop 500 photos the fee would be $120. (500-200*.40 cents)

*Cropping and photo touch-ups are included with your first 200 photos*

I sent my photos, now what?

After you send the photos and questionnaire, we will examine the source and background images then email you a confirmation letting you know that we received your photos along with an estimated completion date and quote (if applicable).

If there are any issues with the photos, we will let you know. Once we have completed your mosaic, we will email you an image file for you to review and an payment instructions.

Payment options, shipping methods and the return of materials (if applicable) will be explained in the email.

Your Mosaic will be shipped upon completion of payment. You will receive a tracking number once its shipped.

How long will it take to receive my mosaic?

Normal turnaround time is between 1-2 weeks (or less) from the time we receive your photos, however, times can vary depending on the number of designs currently in production. You can view our current turnaround time in the “how to order” Questioner section of the website.  Please contact us for current estimated completion times.   Please allow more time leading up to Christmas. Once we get your photos we can provide a better time estimate. Please let us know if you have a “must have” date that you need it by—usually we can accommodate.

What size print do you suggest?

Currently, we offer 16×20” to 96″x53″. Choose the size based on your budget, wall space, and type of photo.

<See Pricing Page.>

The 16×20″ size will accommodate most, but consider a larger size if:

a) You have a lot of people in the main image; for example, family portraits.

b) You want to see the images better.

c) If you have a specific size needed to fill a wall space

Once you send the main photos for review, I can help you determine a good size, but in most cases a 16×20″ will work fine. We have created a process that provides clarity in detailed areas of the mosaic, such as facial features, even with the 16×20″ size.

Can you create a mosaic smaller than an 16x20"?

We typically don’t recommend a mosaic smaller than a 16×20″.  If you would like an 8×10″ Mosaic, we would need to review the main image first to see if it would work. A simple source photo such as a logo, text or one person might be fine. Please contact me for pricing.

What are some general guidelines when choosing the Main (Source) photo?

Your choice for the main image is most important! The quality of the photo will make a difference to the end results. Photos that are grainy, discolored, faded, have cracks or other irregularities may not be the best choice. Although we can make minor restorations, better quality photos always lead to better results.

Please consider sending us three choices to review and label them first, second and third choice. We will strongly consider your first choice but will make recommendations if another one works better.

*In most cases we will resize and crop the main photo so it is proportionate to the print size as well as zoom-in on the main features. We may also crop out any unnecessary background and make it a solid color keeping the most important people or objects in the image.

Tips on Choosing The Main Image:

While we can work with most images and do some “work around”, some parts of the main image might create “trouble spots” that make the cell images harder to see. Below are some guidelines that will help prevent harder to see images:

Try to avoid:

  1. Images with lots of trees, bushes or shrubs. (the details of the cell images are had to see through the detail)
  2. Clothing that is “busy” such as checkered or striped shirts. Solid colors work best.
  3. Sunset Photos.
  4. Photos that have figures deep in the background or are out of focus.
  5. Photos that are less than 2mb in size
  6. Photos that have a lot of people in the image (applies to sizes, 16×20″ to 20×24″)
  7. Photos of poor quality

What we CAN do:


  1. Resize the photo (over 2mb) with no or very little loss of detail
  2. Make small facial details clear. (eyes, nose, mouth)
  3. Touch up photos such as improving skin tone, sunspots, noise, vibrancy, color etc.

What file types and minimum size do you accept for the background images? How many photos can I upload at the same time?

We will touch-up each photo as necessary, but please follow the guidelines below:

  • Recommended file size for the main image should be over 2mb.
  • Minimum size for the cell images (background photos) should be over 100kb each. Closer to and over 200kb is best.
  • We accept most file types including Jpg., tif, png & heic.  Please do not include Mov. (movie files.) We will convert all your files to tif.
  • It’s ok to send photos that are sideways or upside-down, we can rotate them.

 Please note: If you are uploading a lot of large files that you may need to upload them in two batches. For example, if each image is over 10mb and you are sending 200 photos, you may need to upload a batch of 100 at a time. (Many professional wedding photographers take high resolution photos of over 10mb.) If you try to send 200 photos and the program tells you that only 100 were uploaded you will need to split the uploads.

How you will crop my photos?

e will crop and touch up each photo as necessary. Cropping your photos creates a much nicer look and allows the viewer to see the most important features of the photo closer up.  Simply put, cropping your photos produces much cleaner results which is why we take the time to do it and at no additional charge!

You have the option of cropping your photos yourself, but we recommend having us crop them. From experience we know how to best crop the photos that best work in the mosaic. If you prefer to crop them yourself, please follow the cropping guidelines under the next FAQ section.

**Important**: If we are to crop your photos, please let us know if there are any special requirements to certain photos.  We will do our best to retain any important features in the photos, but it comes down to a judgment call. Once we include the cropped photos in the design, we cannot go back and re-crop them.

If you have very specific ways you would like your photos cropped we may suggest doing it yourself as long as you following the cropping guidelines.

Here are some examples of how we will crop your photos:

    • We plan to use all the photos you send so please send only the photos you would like included in the mosaic.
    • We will try to include all the people in the same photo, but if the shot is too wide or the objects are too far apart,  we may have to make it into two or more photos (see group photos) but please let me know if you would like to exclude anyone.
    • We will zoom in on photos but try to keep important features.
    • Although you may send a mix of landscape and portrait size photos, we will crop all photos so they are horizontal (square).

GROUP PHOTOS: Unless otherwise requested, we may leave all group photos “as is” or add a border around the image so people on the ends don’t get clipped. With your permission we can also crop them into two or more photos if we cannot fit them into one cell, in other words, if we feel the people on the ends will get clipped during the design. Please note that some large group photos may be hard to see if left uncropped. We suggest sending no more than 25% of your total number of photos as groups of 4 or more people. If you would like us to crop group photos into two or more photos please let us know. Note, there will be an additional charge of .40cents per group photo that needs cropping IF the total number of photos after cropping exceeds the number of photos based on your order.

We may choose to eliminate photos that are in such poor condition or too small (less than 200 kb)  that it will lesson the quality of the mosaic. Examples are photos that are out of focus or badly faded.  Although we can touch up photos, some are just beyond repair and best to keep out. For examples on how we will crop your photos, please refer to the “cropping” section of our website.

What if I prefer to crop my own photos?

You can crop your photos using any basic photo editing program, Please follow the guidelines when cropping your own photos:

  • All cells need to have the same orientation, preferably horizontal (square) with close to the same measurements on all sides.
  • Try to keep a little room on each side and top of the image as a “safety measure” in case people or objects get clipped.
  • Be mindful of wide-angle shots (if the photo is cropped too wide, people on the ends will get clipped).
  • Same for group photos. Consider cropping them into two or more photos if there are a lot of people in the picture.
  • Keep the file size to at least 200 kb or more. When you crop it may reduce the image size.
  • Try to crop in on only the important parts of the picture. Close up of faces work best.

Will the photos repeat or duplicate to fill out the mosaic and if so how many times?

In most cases, yes, unless you send at least 600 photos.  Repeating is standard with mosaics and actually recommended since some photos may be harder to see in detailed or darker areas within the main image. Having the same photo in other areas of the mosaic will ensure the photo is seen. Having your photos repeat does not take away from the visual quality of the mosaic and we will not create the mosaic with the same photo next to each other and try to space them out throughout the mosaic.

Estimated number of repeats based on a 16×20″ print with a standard size cell of 3/4″*

200 photos will repeat 4-5 times / 100 photos will repeat 6-7 times. (The larger the print, the more the photos will repeat) Please contact me if you would like to know how many times a photo will repeat based on the print size).

*There are a number of variables that go into designing your mosaic, but we can adjust the number of repeats based on the cell size we use.

What if I don't want my photos to repeat?

Although we cannot guarantee your photos won’t repeat, we can cut down on the repeats by:

 1) Sending the appropriate amount of photos based on the size of the mosaic.

2) We can make the cell images much much larger. (Standard cell size is 3/4″)

As a guide, below are the estimated number of photos to send based on print size if you don’t want your photos repeated:

16×20″ Print = 858 photos

20×24″ Print= 1280 photos

20×30″ Print= 1650 photos

24×30″ Print= 2000 photos

24×36″ Print = 2400 photos

30×40″ Print= 3300 photos

40×60″ Print= 4854 photos

Note: We will crop the first 200 photos for free, then we charge .40 per photo thereafter. Or we can create the mosaic “as is” with no cropping or you can crop them yourself by following our cropping guidelines.

What size do you make the cell (background) images?

For a standard design, the cell images will range from 1/2″ to 1″.  The cell size is determined by variations of the source image, print size, type of photos, what we think would look best and your personal preference. If there are a lot of group photos, we may decide to go larger.

How do I know if I will like the results?

We will email you a sample image of your mosaic before we ship it.  Once we feel that we have created the best results, we email you a sample image.

What do you offer for frames or Canvas. Can I get just the print or a digital file?

We offer frames, matted only, canvas, print only or digital files.

For Prints, we use only top-quality, premium glossy photo paper and ink. The paper is heavyweight and the ink is chrome-based, meaning it will last up to 80 years. (Applies to sizes 16×20″ – 24×30″ only)

For Canvas, we use only the best material on the market and our canvases were recently rated as one of the top canvas in the USA in terms of craftsmanship and quality. Your Canvas mosaic will be 1.5″ thick, mirror wrap with two thick wooden cross bars and bracing. It will also include the hanging bracket mounted on the back so its ready to hang out of the box. You can order your canvas in any size.

For Frames, made from solid, real wood (BonanaWood*) with a beveled edge. The frame is black and 1 ¼” thick with styrene glass. It includes a 20×24″ black or cream matting. The total size of the frame is 22×26″ (Applies to a 16×20″ only)

For Matted Only, Our quality mattes are made from a four-ply, acid-free material that prevents acid burn on your prints. (Acid burn is known to cause brown marks on prints over time.) All of our mattes come with foam-core backing and are shrink-wrapped for protection. Total matte size is 20×24″ (Applies to 16×20″ only) Matte colors are available in Black or Cream.

Digital Files: We will upload a high-resolution file of at least 200 dpi, tif. format so you can resize it,  print it yourself, email it to a loved one, use as a screensaver or have it professionally printed. With this option, you will own the file and use it as you like.

To see sample of our Fames, Canvas and Mates visit our Frame & Matte section.

I want to use a black and white photo as the main image, will that work?

Absolutely! We have created many mosaics from black and white photos and they look fantastic! Some people prefer this type. We can make the entire mosaic black and white (B&W) or make the surrounding cells in color while leaving the master image in B&W. You can view a sample of a B&W mosaic on our Gallery Page.

What if I don’t have enough photos?

We will be happy to fill your mosaic in with our stock photos. Some of our best mosaics are done with a different theme type. For example, a wedding mosaic of a couple who are big Red Sox fans had their mosaic filled in with Red Sox players. Contact us for details.

Can I order additional prints?

Yes, we offer the same original prints at a discount and you will get the same quality that you received from your original order. You can order the same size or a different size, as well as another frame type. Prices for additional prints start at $40 and if you need more than five we offer quantity discounts. See our pricing page for more information.

What are your requirements if I scan my own photos?

If you decide to scan your own photos, please be sure the resolution is at least 100 dpi and scanned as a JPG or TIFF. Scanning your own photos will reduce the cost of your project. However, we can scan them you for .45 cents each. Rest assured, your photos will be sent back in the same condition in which they were received. We keep your photo(s) stored in a fireproof/waterproof safe when they are not being worked on.

Can I scan and send you photos taken from my phone or social media page?

Yes, either or both are fine, but please send us a few samples first so we can check the quality of the images, before you spend too much time scanning your photos from your phone. In most cases images are fine but other times, not so much.  Using photos from your Facebook or other social media page is usually fine. Please just check that the resolution is at least 200kb.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Although we don’t typically run sales, from time to time we will send a coupon to customers who are on our mailing list. To join and get special offers, discounts, updates and special promotions, please email david@themosaicguy.com.

How much lead time to you need for Christmas custom orders?

Christmas season is our busiest time. Normally we can complete a mosaic in 1-2 weeks, but from November & December it depends on how many orders we have at the time you send payment or your photos. To be safe, the sooner you order or send your photos the weeks or months leading up to Christmas, the better. (At least three weeks before Christmas). Our priority is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis once we get payment or the photos.

Please contact us for estimated completion times.

Where can I find your Sports, Music and Special Interest mosaics to buy now?

We offer over 100 different pre-designed mosaic art for all your home or gift giving needs relating to Sport, Music, TV/Movies, Nature, and historical mosaics. You are sure to find a gift for any occasion at our Bonanza store.

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