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What is a photo mosiac?

A mosaic is a group of small photos called cells that are arranged in a way that creates a larger picture.

What are some general guidelines when choosing photos?

Your choice for the main image is most important! The quality of the photo will make a big difference to the end results. Photos that are grainy, discolored, faded, have cracks or other irregularities may not be the best choice. Although we can make minor restorations, better quality photos always lead to better results.

What are guidelines for submitting digital images?

Visit the Source Image Guidelines Page for more detailed information.

How many photos should I include?

We suggest at least 50 and up to 200, but you have the optional to send more for additional fees. We will set the repetition at an optimal level based on the number of photos, cell size, and print size. If you don’t have a lot of photos, you will still get a great looking mosaic even with the repetitiveness. On average, most people submit around 100 photos. Remember, you are not charged per photo unless we scan them.

What size print do you suggest?

Currently, we offer 16 x 20” up to a size of your choice. Choose the print size based on your budget, wall space, and type of photo.  <See Pricing Page.>

How do I know if I will like the results?

Mosaics are not all the same. Many variables impact how your mosaic is designed. Factors such as print size, number of photos, detail of the source image, cell border size, cell size, etc., all need to be examined. We run several rendering tests and experiment with various settings in order to achieve the best results for your mosaic. Once we feel that we have created the best results, we email you a sample image.

How long will it take to receive my mosaic?

On average we can complete your mosaic in 1-2 weeks from the time we receive your photos. However, at times although seldom, it could take up to three weeks based on our current workload, projects in que and especially a month leading up to Christmas. Once we get your photos we can provide a better time estimate. Rush orders are also available if possible.

What kind of paper and ink do you use to create a mosaic?

We use only top-quality, premium photo paper and ink. The paper is heavyweight and the ink is chrome-based, meaning it will last up to 80 years.

I sent my photos, now what?

Once we receive your photos, we will send you a confirmation email letting you know we received your photos and address if there are any issues with them. We will also send you a quote and estimated completion date and next steps.

I want to use a black and white photo as the main image, will that work?

Absolutely! We have created many mosaics from black and white photos and they look fantastic! Some people prefer this type. We can make the entire mosaic black and white (B&W) or make the surrounding cells in color while leaving the master image in B&W. You can view a sample of a B&W mosaic on our Gallery Page.

What if I don’t have enough photos?

We will be happy to fill your mosaic in with our stock photos. Some of our best mosaics are done with a different theme type. For example, a wedding mosaic of a couple who are big Red Sox fans had their mosaic filled in with Red Sox players. Contact us for details.

How do I send you my photos?

You can send your photos in any of the following ways:

  • For digital images (meaning they were taken with a digital camera, and therefore, don’t need scanning), copy them to a CD and mail the disk to The Mosaic Guy by “snail” mail or upload them to the link on our website.
  • For photographs (actual hard copy photos), send them preferably in an 8 × 10 ” or 9 × 12 ” envelope with a hard, cardboard-like structure inserted inside to further protect them. This will protect them from bending while in transit. Attach instructions on a “post-it note” or write a note informing us of any special cropping, removal of people/blemishes or centering of photos. Please do not write on the back of the photographs themselves.


What are your requirements if I scan my own photos?

If you decide to scan your own photos, please be sure the resolution is at least 100 dpi and scanned as a JPG or TIFF. Scanning your own photos will reduce the cost of your project, however, I can scan then for you for .45 cents each. Rest assured, your photos will be sent back in the same condition in which they were received. We keep your photo(s) stored in a fireproof/waterproof safe when they are not being worked on.

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