Free Cropping/Touch Up


Cropping your photos creates a much nicer look and allows the viewer to see the most important features of the photo closer up.  Simply put, cropping your photos produces much cleaner results which is why we take the time to do it and at no additional charge!

The Benefits of Cropping


Cropping each photo to the same size square creates a symmetrical balance throughout the mosaic and is more pleasing to the eye.


Cropping eliminates unnecessary background so the main features of the photos are preserved and zoomed-in, thus easier to see.


Cropping eliminates any colored boarders around the photo making the results much nicer.

We will crop your first 200 photos for free unless you request “no cropping” in which we will create the mosaic “as is” or use the photos that are already cropped. Additional fees will apply if you would like us to crop over 200 photos. Please contact us at 603-232-6277or email for pricing.

Although cropping is subjective, we will work with you and ask if you have any request on cropping before we start.

You can crop your photos using a basic photo editing program,  however, we suggest letting us do the cropping. If you decide to do the cropping yourself, please follow the same guidelines we use below.

All cells need to have the same orientation. We can create your mosaic using horizontally oriented pictures (most popular) or they can all be vertically oriented. Either way, we will create your mosaic with all vertical squares or all horizontal squares.

How We Crop Your Photos

  1. We crop your photos into squares, eliminating the risk of clipping and creating a balanced look.

Original Photo BEFORE cropping (vertical photo)

AFTER Cropping. Vertical Photo is cropped into a square

  1. Crop or zoom in on the main features of the image. For example, zoom in on the area that you want to see best. I recommend cropping only faces unless there is part of the photo that you want to see. If the photo is a full-body picture, we crop it so that you just have the face.

Original Photo BEFORE cropping (vertical photo)

AFTER Cropping. Full body photo is cropped to zoom in on face

  1. If one or some of your photos are group photos, (more than three people in the same photo)  we will leave “as is”  or add a border around the image to keep it square and all the people in it.   It is recommended that you do not send too many group photos (as a rule of thumb no more than 25% of the total photos you send should be group photos). Photos with more than three or four people in the same picture might be hard to see.  Below is a sample of how we might use a border to crop your group photos. Please note that if you would like us to crop your group photos into two or more pictures additional cropping fees will apply.

Original group photo uncropped

Cropped with a border

  1. We crop out any white borders around the photo!

Original Photo has white border around it

CROPPED - Better photo is cropped with no white border

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