If you are searching for the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life… Look no further!

We love to make mosaics to celebrate every occasion, a collage of happy memories to look back on always sure to bring a smile to your face. BUT, we have a soft spot for pet mosaics, and boy oh boy do we have a good time letting Febee know what a good pup she is or Garfield know he is the coolest cat in town!

Ok, ok, we got a little silly there, but we just love to see those happy tails wagging. In fact, we have a resident “not so formal” doggie mascot here at The Mosaic Guy office. Although truth be told he prefers playing outside… But you can always catch him hanging around the kitchen at lunch time!

Orange Cat Photo Mosaic 16x20" Canvas

Don’t worry, we love all animals equally here, so whether you have a dog, cat, bunny, lizard, parrot, turtle, pony, or anything in between, we have you covered! Actually come to think of it, we have never done a fish mosaic…So you could be the first! If you love your little finned friends, why not? They are part of the family too!

Now, we know it can be hard to get a good photo of your pet, ESPECIALLY if you have more than one or two. Much like our human kiddos, those fur babies tend to close their eyes, turn their heads, or just take off running the moment you go to click your camera. But that is ok! Sometimes those candid shots make for the best shots, and don’t forget we have anywhere from 50 to 250+ cell images making up the background texture of your main image, so we can make use of ALL your photos, even the candid ones!

Don’t forget to include pictures of you and your pet! 

Sometimes we get sucked into how adorable our pets are, but an insider tip here, send some images of YOU or loved ones WITH your pets! Trust us, it makes the mosaic even better! Not only does it highlight the favorite moments of a pets life, but when giving a pet mosaic as a gift it highlights the special moments in the recipient and pet parent/parents lives as well.  

Feeling stuck? Here are a few ideas starter ideas to get you started:

  • First birthday photos are always dog-gone adorable.
  • Take home photos from when the fur baby was adopted or purchased and brought home (sure to bring a happy tear to the eye of the recipient!!)
  • Family introduction photos of kids or parents meeting the new addition to the fam.
The Mosaic Guy - Dog Custom Mosaic
cute Dog photo mosaic made from 100 personal dog pictures

Remember, the sky is the limit! We can use as many or as few images as you like, and can cater the mosaic to fit your pet’s and their personality. You can choose from colorful fun filled styles, to more sophisticated black and white toned options depending on the look and style you want for your gift. 

Our fur babies are part of the family, so let’s commemorate our favorite moments with them!

The Mosaic Guy - David and his Dog Mosaic

Our owner, David, and his fur baby

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