Main Image Guidelines


Your main (or source) image is the main image or the single photo that the smaller images will create. For the best results, please follow these guidelines when choosing a main image.

Choosing a great main image is very important. By choosing a main image that is of high quality, high resolution and that fits the guidelines below, you will achieve the best results. Photos that are grainy, blurry, torn, or otherwise damaged may not be the best choice. Although we can do minor restorations to make your photo look better, the better the initial quality, the better the results.

BAD MAIN IMAGE: Image is blurry and faded.

GOOD MAIN IMAGE: Image is scanned at 700 DPI, clean, and in good condition.

Closeups of faces and photos of buildings work well.

  • Don’t use a photo with a wide-angle shot or one that includes large groups of people. For a custom mosaic of 16 x 20 ” up to 20 x 24 ” in size, two people generally works best.
  • Photos of people should be as close up as possible and they should not have been taken from a distance; otherwise, facial recognition could be an issue.
  • Close-up photos of faces, simple silhouettes, buildings, animals, and landscape photos work best.

For best results, you may want to send us the original photo so we can scan it at a high resolution. We have a high-end, professional scanner that can scan up to 1200 dpi. We will return your photo unharmed at the end of the project.

We recommend you send us three different choices for your main image, labeling them first choice, second choice, and third choice. Once we examine all of your images, we will let you know which photo will work best. You can also UPLOAD YOUR MAIN IMAGE options to us first so we can examine them before you send them.

Main Image Guideline Tips:

  • If you are scanning your own main image photos, please be sure to scan your image at least 600 dpi and save it as a JPG or TIFF.

  • If you are uploading or sending your photo digitally (image on a CD), be sure the image has a high resolution of at least 600 dpi and a physical size of at least 1200 x 1600 pixels.


Please label your main image so we know which one to use.

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