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A lifetime’s worth of memories…

What goes into the thought, design and pouring out of love of each Mosaic Guy masterpiece?

Before you go thinking.. “This is about to be How-To on making mosaics…” let me assure you that I did not like boring classes in school myself, so there will not be a Mosaics 101 taking place today! 

Instead, I intend to introduce you to the exquisite craft of creating a truly unique, long-lasting memory that will fill you and your loved ones’ hearts with joy every time you lay your eyes on your own unique work of art! 


Let’s think about the aesthetic you are looking to focus on with the imagery. Is it a soft, gentle adoring photo, or a bright, cheery pop of color that quickly catches the eye? Whatever it is that you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered! Using anywhere from 50-200 photos, I will work to edit, enhance and crop each photo for an overall clean, aesthetically pleasing look. Images that will look fantastic as the primary photo will usually include people, logos, and text. If you have your heart set on an image that can be more of a challenge to create, I have techniques and fancy editing I can perform to optimize the image to give you that heartfelt piece you’re looking for! My goal is for you to enjoy each precious moment, as well as the focus feature when creating your personalized piece. 


We are all social media enthusiasts that can post the best ‘stories’ and ‘boomerangs’ that are sure to entertain and delight! Mosaic creation, however, is quite different and let’s be honest, hours of sitting, cropping, rotating, touching up and finding the best photo choice can be exhausting! Leave this stuff to a dutiful, trained eye. My meticulous planning during the editing and placement of images will result in a pleasing work of art you will no doubt be proud to show off! Your best bet is to select up to 3 photos that you’d like to feature, and I’d be happy to review discuss the images with you. Learn more about our cropping and editing process here

BONUS INFO!! If you’re loving your original image, but looking for a bit more subdued aesthetic, I can edit your entire mosaic into a black and white, greyscale, or sepia tone that turns into quite a fantastic, classic piece! 

My goal is always the most well-balanced, pleasing finished product I can provide!

Canvas and Framing

This is going to be what works best for you! While many customers of mine would prefer canvas, I can also frame and matte the mosaic, or send a “print-only” or digital upload. I will always recommend our highest quality canvas option that are museum quality tested for a clean, long-lasting product. Other options of third-party canvases are also available. The Mosaic Guy mosaics can be framed using a standard black bonza wood frame with acid-free matte printing, as well. Learn more about your finishing options here because your wish is my command!

Software I Use

I utilize a multitude of state-of-art photo editing software including PhotoShop, ACDSee, Light Room and Topaz Labs. It’s best to begin with quality imagery, however these design programs allow me to edit, enhance and crop until the photo is optimized for the final mosaic printing. Speaking of printing… the latest technology in printing is always the resource I use, and I am currently printing on an EPSON wide-format Surecolor P6000 printer.

Okay, so I did a little techy there at the end, but just know that you’re in the absolute best hands, when it comes to making mosaic magic happen! Go ahead and click the button below, and let’s get this party started!

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Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this inside peek into the art world.

Have a question or comment you want to share? Drop it in the comments below! We are happy to help!