When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.

Milestones, an end of an era… Right of passage…

Graduation can be the most exciting time in your children and family’s lives! These are the thoughts that come to mind when you think of your child embarking on their next journey in life. Adulthood. From the time your little one first starts school, you dream of this moment, the day they walk across that stage, cap and gown, diploma in hand! All of the years of homework, late night projects, bagged lunches. They’ve all led up to this! A commemorative mosaic photo can bring all of these years into one masterpiece and art piece of pure pride, when you chose The Mosaic Guy to commission this special work of art! 


For starters:

Planning for your graduation mosaic can be simple and easy if you are already planning a graduation photo sesh! There is the option of the school formals usually in formal dress, then you can also look to hire a photographer to snap those personality capturing photos, too! Planning out this session doesn’t have to be complicated either! First, start by thinking of an aesthetic you’d like to incorporate by choosing a theme or even a few if you have an active kiddo! Then think of a location to incorporate into the theme. This can be your grad’s high school, local hometown or hang out, OR new college or town that your child might be moving to! Odds are that your child might have even thought this through and planned it out in their mind already! 

Think about the future for AFTER graduation:

Not only have you worked towards this moment for the last 13 years, you are likely also planning a future that your child will be embarking on for the next 4 years. College can be the most formative years of your adult life! The school spirit and pride from the moment that you receive that acceptance letter, to moving on campus and your first class. You will want to remember these days for the rest of your life. Capturing the pride and school spirit that your child and family is feeling during this time is so important! The Mosaic Guy will take all of these wonderful, memorable moments and create a unique piece of art that culminates any and ALL of the milestones that your child has experienced, into a truly unique, irreplaceable piece! 

Are you struggling choosing what should be included?

That is completely understandable! As a parent, you’ve captured ALL the memories throughout the years and there are just TOO many to decide! You’re probably spending hours pouring over photo albums, gushing over your sweet baby way back when!! We can incorporate as many of these proud parent moments as possible.

Next up… The primary piece will be the main focus and overall sentiment you want to capture. Choosing this photo can be overwhelming and harder than you thought and that’s okay! That is what the experts are here to assist with! Once you have narrowed down a few options, shoot me over an email or phone call so that we can chat about the overall goal that you’re wanting to accomplish with this exquisite piece. I’d be happy to peruse the options and offer up my professional opinion as to what might work best, while following along the lines of the theme and memories that you want to highlight! 

A few starter ideas for the primary photo:

  • High school Cap and Gown photo
  • Formal senior photo
  • Your favorite senior moment or milestone achieved
  • Your favorite senior casual photo

Don’t forget…

Not all graduations are high school, however. The little Kindergarten that has melted your heart this last year by learning their letters, numbers, how to write their name, and read! This deserves some special attention as well!! Capture their first year of primary school all in one skillfully crafted masterpiece. OR your super impressive college grad who has studied so hard they’ve slept on their books, smashed an internship and is getting ready to begin a lucrative career of their choosing! Wow! This surely did not come easy and why not spotlight these tremendous achievements for your grad?

Give The Mosaic Guy a call today and let’s get a jump start on this momentous project today!!