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Want to learn more about the man behind the mosaic masterpieces? Check out our fun Q&A with David Addario, founder of The Mosaic Guy!


A little about David:

I have been a self-employed independent artist since 2005 and have created over 500 mosaic designs from Wedding Mosaics to corporate mosaics. In addition to designing mosaics I also travel to various art shows throughout the year promoting and selling my work. 

Before becoming an arist what did you do? 

Before becoming an artist, I worked in the corporate arena as a sales and data analyst, lastly being Hasbro. Although night and day from what I’m doing now, I found creating visuals with spreadsheets to be enjoyable and realized my passion has always been in the creative field.

So what inspired you to jump into being an artist full-time? What was your “tipping point” from corporate life to an artist life?

Well to be honest, the last company I worked for was sold and I was given the option to relocate to NYC,  I needed to really explore what I enjoy doing most and where. Not being much of a city guy, I decided to explore my inner creative side and do something I really enjoyed!

Is design and mosaic art something you have always enjoyed? When did you discover your passion?

Yes, for sure! I was always creating as a kid, whether it was creating board games, artwork, etc.

I always had a wild imagination bringing things to life in my mind.  I also had a passion for computers. I really didn’t have them growing up, so when computers emerged I decided to take Photoshop classes at night while still working at my corporate job and that’s when I realized working in the art field is what I wanted to pursue.

What helps you get that creative energy flowing when you’re feeling “artist block”?

Well, I always take an hour in the afternoon to walk the dog. I love being in nature and it just gives me time to think creatively. But there is not real magic recipe for inspiration. Sometimes things will just pop in my head when I am working on a design, sometimes while I am eating breakfast, or even driving in the car. I guess  you could say I am always thinking about my work, but it’s because it is what I love, so it doesn’t really feel like work at all.

I do try to always ask myself things like:

“How can I make this better?”

“What tools are available that I am not utilizing?”

“How do I make my mosaic design stand out from others?…”

Of course it is not all fun and creativity, there is the business side to that I’m always thinking about as well!

Share what a day in the life of an artist looks like?

My morning routine starts around 6am, when I just brainstorm creative ideas or “play” on my computer for about an hour, before diving into emails or work.

After that I usually plan out my day, respond to emails, and then hit the gym around 9am to get the blood flowing.

When I come home from the gym I am more energized and I dig into whatever’s pressing; Whether that is design work, preparing for art shows, business related to do’s, or the millions of other behind the scenes things business owners have to do.

I break for lunch and take the dog out for a walk and work a few more hours before diner and bed.  

Tell us about your background, where did you study?

I grew up in New Hampshire and attended Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. I graduated with a business degree but later on in life attended the Rhode Island School of Design in my late twenties, and studied graphic design. 

Do you have a favorite type of mosaic to work on?

I can’t really say I have a favorite, although some are more challenging than others. Pet mosaicss for example take much more work because of the nature of the subject (fur is always challenging), but corporate mosaics are usually pretty straightforward and easier. I do really enjoy wedding mosaics, I actually made my daughter one for her wedding!

While you are creating what do you like to listen to?

I mainly listen to podcast if I’m working on something that doesn’t require a lot of focus. Usually Etsy podcast, or other business oriented podcasts, but if  I’m really “dialed in” I rather enjoy the quiet.

Now, when I am driving long distances to an art show for example, I love listening to a ton of business related podcasts and sports talkshows!

What is your FAVORITE part of being an artist and your own boss?

Mainly the creative freedom and being able to set my own schedule. If nothing is pressing, my mood for the day dictates what I’ll work on.

If I’m in the mood to design, I design. If I need to work on the business, I do business related tasks.

If I’m just having an “off day” I acknolwdge that I am close to burnout, and turn my attention to something else. One of the most important things is your mental health, taking time to give yourself a break and reset is critical to being the best you can be. I always come back refreshed and with lots of new creative ideas by listening to my body and mind. 

Thanks for getting to know the artist better! We hope you enjoyed this inside peek.

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