A lifetime of memories preserved

in a stunning work of Art.

Have you ever received a gift of such personal meaning that actually took your breath away and made you cry… (in a good way of course)?

A custom mosaic by The Mosaic Guy will do just that! A truly unique gift that will “WOW” your loved ones and be proudly displayed as a treasured keepsake for life.




How To Get Started…

  1. Start by reading our guidelines on choosing and prepping photos
  2. Chose between 50-200 of your photos and one main image
  3. Decide on a print size between 16″ x 20” up to 24″ x 36”
  4. Fill out the Online Order Form or Call David
  5. Upload or  ship your photos, CD/DVD  Jump Drive etc. to The Mosaic guy, 50 Prescott Hts Rd, Hooksett NH 03106.

That’s It!

We will send a confirmation email with estimate letting you know that your photos arrived. You do not send a deposit or payment until we finalize and email you a sample image of your mosaic. You will receive your beautiful mosaic in the mail in about 2-3 weeks.


For whatever event or occasion, thank you for choosing me to create this special gift. We guarantee you will love it!

Want Sports Mosaics?

Sports Mosaics by The Mosaic Guy


S. Sutcliff

It looks great! It is the picture of the bride-to-be and all the dreams she has for the future reflected in the mosaic. I believe she got to realize most of those dreams as evidenced by the pictures themselves.

S. Sutcliff
Custom Mosaic Tribute to his late wife