Our Pledge Promise

Believe me, we get it! Your photos are a reminder of your past, and they bring back sentimental memories captured through the years. These tributes to loved ones will be seen by all of your family and friends. That’s why we know how important it is for you to not just be beyond satisfied, but to be elated with your mosaic. We have had customers call in tears because they were so happy with the results — claiming their mosaic came out even better than they had expected.


So why order from us?

  1. RISK-FREE! You don’t pay until we finish the mosaic. We know of no other company that provides a similar service. We create the mosaic, email you the finished results, and then we ask for payment. YOU SEE IT FIRST BEFORE YOU PAY.
  2. SAFE AND EASY. All of your precious photos are kept in a fireproof/waterproof safe and are returned unharmed or you can simply upload your digital photos using a link on our website.
  3. PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. We have created hundreds of mosaics and have mastered the art. All mosaics are created in-house — from the design to the printing.
  4. CONVENIENT. We do the work (scanning, cropping, restoration, design and print). You just provide the photos “as is.”
  5. FAST. Most mosaics are completed within a couple of weeks.
  6. PRICED RIGHT. Our mosaics start at just $170.00. Compare our quality of work, expertise, personal service, and pricing, and you won’t find a better deal.


The Process

Each custom mosaic is uniquely designed without using a cookie cutter process. Because the design depends on your main image and photos, we first analyze the photos, then decide how to blend your larger, main (source) image with the smaller (cell) images so that both can be seen equally well when viewed up close. We do not rely solely on a computer program to do the work. Our process is 50% program (Photoshop) and 50% manual tweaking. The main image will look like just a photo from a distance, while the cell images will become more visible and clearer, the closer you get.



Want Sports Mosaics?

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Want a Custom Mosaic?

Want a Custom Mosaic?

Why a Custom Mosaic from The Mosaic Guy?


Marie C.

David, the mosaic arrived today and we loved it! Although I had planned to surprise my son and his fiance with it at the wedding, I decided to show it to them now. I had them approach it from 30 feet away. As they got closer, they couldn't figure out how the portrait was made. When they realized it was pictures of them, they were so funny. They went through all the pictures, talking about where they were taken and what they were doing at the time. They love it and it really represents their relationship so far. Thank you so much!

Marie C.
Custom mosaic for her son's wedding