Guidelines for your Custom Mosaic!


Source Image Guidelines

Choosing a great source image is very important. By choosing a source image that is of high quality, high resolution, and that fits the guidelines below, you will achieve the best results. Photos that are grainy, blurry, torn, etc., may not be the best choice. Although we can do minor restorations to make your photo look better, the better the initial quality, the better the results.Choosing a great source image is very important. By choosing a source image that is of good quality, high resolution, and meets our guidelines will give you the best results.  <<Read More>>


Cell Guidelines

Cell images are the 50 to 200 photos you send to us that will be used as background images to make up the large image. The image sizes of the cell images are not as important as the size of the source image, but we do recommend they are at least 100 dpi. You can send a combination of digital and hard copies. We also highly recommend that we crop your photos. <<Read More>>

Image Cropping Guidelines

To Crop or Not To Crop?  For best results your background images should be cropped.  <<Read More>>


Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of common questions that come up during the process of creating a custom mosaic. If ,after you review this page, you still have questions or comments. Feel free to contact us directly and we will assist you. <<Read More>>


Optional Custom Features

Frame Options

Matte Options



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Want a Custom Mosaic?

Want a Custom Mosaic?

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Brendon M.

I wanted to thank you for the mosaic for my parents. They loved it and it even made my mother cry, which in this case is a good thing. Thank you for all your help and for being accommodating when it came to getting the mosaic to New York in time for Christmas.

Brendon M.
Custom mosaic as a Christmas gift for his parents


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