How to Crop your Photos


To crop or not to crop? For best results, your photos should be cropped. Without cropping, there is a chance that parts of the background images will get clipped. If your photos are not all horizontal or vertical, then parts of the image will get clipped; so cropping is highly recommended to yield the best results. I suggest letting us do the cropping, but if you decide to do it, please read the guidelines below.



All cells need to have the same orientation. We can create your mosaic using horizontally oriented pictures (most popular) or they can all be vertically oriented. Either way, we will create your mosaic with all vertical squares or all horizontal squares.



With the help of a basic photo editing program, you can crop the photos yourself.


  1. Crop your photos into squares. Do not leave vertical photos uncropped or you risk not seeing parts of the picture in the mosaic.
  2. Crop or zoom in on the main features of the image. For example, zoom in on the area that you want to see best. I recommend cropping only faces unless there is part of the photo that you want to see. If the photo is a full-body picture, you should crop it so that you just have the face.
  3. If one or some of your photos are group photos, you may want to crop and create separate files for each individual. Photos with more than two people are unlikely to be seen in your mosaic.
  4. Be sure that you crop any white borders from around the photo!